Shiny spandex leggings, Yoga & Dance Leggings. Nylon lycra clothing
Shiny spandex leggings, Yoga & Dance Leggings. Nylon lycra clothing
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There's something irresistible about spandex. Part of the appeal has to rest with the fact that nylon-spandex fabric is just so comfortable, shiny and stretchy

Spandex fabric composition: 80 % Polyamide (nylon), 20 % Elastane (lycra)

Spandex is almost like a shape-shifting fabric. It can adhere to anyone's frame. This shiny fabric has been popular enough to create a craze over and over again, which has happened for a reason.

The popularity of spandex clothing in the mainstream culture has waxed and waned over the years just like everything else. In the 1980s, for instance, it seemed as if almost everyone was wearing spandex, especially the variety that came in neon shiny colors (pink, blue, green and black). Lots of women looked like dancers at the time, whether they were any good at dancing or not. Part of the comfort factor involved with spandex is a simple fact that the material doesn't restrict one's movements. There's a reason why dancers go to the dance floor, gym and elsewhere wearing their shiny clothing.

Another part of the comfort factor with is the fact that it is just smooth to the touch. A women's legs feel effortlessly soft and silky when they're wrapped in shiny spandex, which is an inherently sensual type of material. A woman who wore an entire suit (catsuit) made of this material is going to look like she is wearing an additional layer of skin, except this skin is smooth, clear, glossy and perfect

Bodysuits and catsuits have been popular motifs in science fiction for a long time. Perhaps people look at these comfortable suits and imagine an ideal future in which the most important part of all clothing is comfort and sensuality. In this future, women will be free of some of their physical insecurities. They will be more expressive and free to be themselves. Nylon spandex may truly be the fabric of the future on many different levels, but you can enjoy it just as surely today.

Classic Spandex Leggings Classic Spandex Leggings 10%

Comfort never looked cooler! Our classic spandex leggings are going to be one of the best fitting leggings in your wardrobe.

32.94 € 36.60 €
Three Quarter Leggings Three Quarter Leggings

Black 3/4 spandex lycra leggings.

32.94 €
Perfect Pocket Leggings Perfect Pocket Leggings 20%

Long leggings with side pockets and mesh panels.

34.16 € 42.70 €
High neck crop High neck crop

Crop top with a high neck.

36.60 €
Sleeveless Crop Top Sleeveless Crop Top

Shine On with this lovely crop top.

30.50 €
High Waisted Hot Pants High Waisted Hot Pants

High waisted black shorts. Comfortable and shiny.

21.96 €
Long Sleeve Spandex Leotard Long Sleeve Spandex Leotard

Silky smooth leotard with long sleeves made of shiny lycra.

39.04 €
Body with straps Body with straps

Sleeveless bodysuit. Shiny, elastic. Comfortable.

30.50 €
Women's body suit with crotch Hooks Women's body suit with crotch Hooks

Shiny spandex black sleeveless bodysuit with crotch hooks. Silky smooth.

31.72 €
Shiny leggings Shiny leggings 20%

Our shiny spandex leggings are going to be one of the most comfortable and best fitting leggings in your entire wardrobe. For dance, yoga, sport, school, home and every occasion. 

24.40 € 30.50 €
Pencil skirt Pencil skirt

Black elegant skirt. Soft and shiny.

29.28 €
Stretch Bodysuit with Crotch Hooks Stretch Bodysuit with Crotch Hooks

 Full spandex body suit with crotch hooks and long sleeves. Silky smooth.

47.58 €
Stirrup Leggings Stirrup Leggings

Black elastic stirrup dance leggings. Shiny spandex high waisted leggings. Soft, shiny and stretchy. You will love them!

34.16 €
Cap sleeve crop Cap sleeve crop

Top with a short cap sleeve. 

31.72 €
White leggings White leggings

Long white lycra leggings. They're a little bit see-through.

29.28 €
Footed Leggings Footed Leggings

Shiny footed spandex leggings. Wear around the house, to dance, yoga, or even slip on a pair of running shoes to go to the grocery, the footed leggings are perfect for any day. 

36.60 €
Spandex shorts Spandex shorts 15%

Lycra/Spandex Shorts for Women. Shiny hot pants in black. Summer shorts for sports, gym, dance, volleyball or yoga.

13.48 € 15.86 €
Knee length leggings Knee length leggings

Spandex leggings. Shine on.

24.40 €
Turtleneck Top Turtleneck Top

Fitted long sleeve top with high neck.

43.92 €
Long sleeve crop top Long sleeve crop top

Croptop with long sleeves.

36.60 €

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